Pumpkin Hammer Sign thanks to our sponsor FastSigns of Delaware

Gazing at our competition

Jim and Don

Jim and Don getting a little intimate

Jim showing Don his teeth after Dr. Steve Siegars of Yankee Siege fame worked on them.

More fine dentistry of Dr. Steve Siegars.

Don being jealous that Dr. Steve Siegars didn't work on his teeth.

Big E, Rich, and some guy from Myth Busters

Our PumpkinHammer Groupies

A beret never looked any better...

Jeff between cigars and beers...

Jammie from Myth Busters

Good ole PumpkinHammer

Rich finally doing some work...

Perhpas the greatest minds in Pumpkin Chunkin history... ROFL

Big E blocks the sun for Rich and Jammie

Thank you to our Sponsor, Fast Signs of Delaware!!!

Liz and Jim trying to stay warm

Rich intently watching the cannon division - POOOFFF...

Don doing strange things.

The PumpkinHammer PIT!!!

World Champion Teeth

Don doing a Lower Delaware interview with Jim and his teeth

The Hammer

The Riley girls and their waiter

Don, Fran, adn Sue

Tim and Sue

Riley girls doing Karaoke, right before the 6'3" blonde with the deep voice and adam's apple. At teh Purple Parrot Rehoboth Beach Delaware

Rich and Jim work on the famous PH scoreboard

More Hammer groupies

Mrs. Hammer

Our cute younger fan base

More Don and Jim hugs...

Dave waiting to yank the hammer...

Big E waiting to be interviewed

Rich explaining to Jamie why he purchased Rod Stewart tickets in Vegas.

The Riley girls at the annual Trebuchet dinner

Rich and Tim Foley planning next years dinner

Jim and Sue

Dave and Heather

Fran and her beret...

Jamie avoiding Punkin Chunkin Fans...

Cara and Liz

Team PumpkinHammer pointing at the Board!!!

It's Hammer time!!!

The team, the scoreboard, and our sign.

Guess who's finally the #1

Our great Discovery channel crew.

These guys are WORLD CHAMPIONS!!!

The famous PumpkinHammer logo!!!

The fire that kept us warm...

The stage

Rich being busy...

Dr. Steve Siegars (Yankee Siege), Jim's dentist...

Jim, daughters, and some guy who decided to get his picture with us...

Now that's better...

Jeff and Cara - The greatest Pit crew in the history of Pit crews!!!

Rich after being sprayed with Champagne

Rich and Don with First Place trophy!!!

Don and his medal

Jon Mault, Team PumpkinHammer's saftey captain.

The crew eating dinner after our big win.


The tall beauty...

Lochness Monster

Lochness Monster

First in Fright - 2nd Place!!! These guys gave us the biggest scare...

The Great Gourd Experiment

Tired Iron

Tired iron

The Bag was great!!!

My Joisy boys and Chunky 3

My Joisy boys and Chunky 3

The Balista

It was a little muddy!!!

Roman's Revenge

Roman's Revenge from the back

Coolest chairs

The majestic Hammer

American Chunker


FU2 two

Pumpkin Trap

Our sign

The crew of the World Champion PumpkinHammer

Adam from MythBusters is in this jack...

Our buddies from Merlin

Our mascot

Da Hammer

More Hammer



Makes me want to cry...

Don feeding Jim

This is not what it looks like...

These guys are WORLD CHAMPIONS!!!

TV stars, Jim and Don with trophy



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