Get the "lead out" - Drew Smith, David Foley, Rich Foley and Fred Catalano pose prior to their ingestion of massive doses of lead.

Forced Labor - Rich Foley forces son David to dead lift the 1,500 lb sheet of lead. According to Tim Foley, child labor laws are somewhat relaxed in Pennsylvania.

Cutting down to size - Dan Foley rips through the lead sheet. Each 36" by 9" section weighs about 150 lbs.

We're in lead hell... As Rich Foley cuts; Fred and Drew wonder why they're in Pittsburgh.

A better use for the lead? The boys put the finishing touch on their new skateboard ramp.

Drilling for Gold!!! To stabilize PumpkinHammer, many pieces of angle iron were pre-drilled for supports.

Discovery channel star - As the only member of team PumpkinHammer to have a major role in the TV broadcast, Jim Riley drills away.

NSA Satellite images - Top secret satellite photo of Area 52. NSA officials did not elaborate the meaning of the distance rings...

National Enquirer Exclusive - Aerial photos of Area 52 reveal ???

National Enquirer photos - Another aerial photo of Area 52.

Motivation - Last year's 3rd place trophy was unveiled at Area 52 location.

All that wood - Sponsor, 84 Lumber delivered the wood on time and in perfect condition!!!

Measure twice... - Captain Rich Foley instructs rookie members Dan Foley and Dave Hanna the tricks of the punkin chuckin trade.

Last Measures - Dave Hanna gets one last use of this tape measure. Shortly before Rich Foley destroyed it.

The brothers Foley - Rich and Dan lift what will shortly become the counterweight box.

Cut that wood - What precision in the wood cutting department.

Nap time - Rich Foley studies the idea of using these as a cot.

Slacker - Rich prepares to lie down on the job...

So Square - The team shown working on one of the massive PumpkinHammer bases. 

Rookie duty - Dave Hanna gets stuck with the prime duty of priming...

Prime time - Primed and ready to go.

Ground level security - Area 52 security forces keep guard.

Protection from the Air - Agent "Jen", seen patrolling the skies of Area 52.

Air command - PumpkinHammer aircraft use the latest in front mounted sonar, shown here. 

Base station Alpha - Now this is a base...

Where are my towers? - The base station is starting to get lonely.

A very big candy cane - The towers are dying to go vertical...

Oh the colors!!! - The great American Trebuchet.

Did we mention how big it was? - Bigger is better...

Are you ready for some chuckin? - The team can't wait for final assembly.

Tripod of life - The PumpkinHammer tripod, rated for 6 tons, will be ready to lift massive weights.

Who needs Connective? - Director of Area 52 Site Services, Donald Sheldon gives us the power to succeed!!!

When it rains, it pours - The team faced wind and rain on Saturday, October 4th.

Inside workers... - While other members of the team braved the elements, these "members" enjoyed a dry work place.

Last picture of Foley before the attack - This is the last know picture of Rich Foley, only hours before the savage attack on his hand.

One massive box  - In order to hold the weights that PumpkinHammer will be using, the box needs to be re-inforced.

Pumpkin Tunnel - A nice smooth tunnel for our pumpkin victims...

This is one massive box - Not only is it big, it's also VERY heavy.

Inside workers - More pictures of the "inside" crew.

The Attack - Rich Foley show the hand that was savagely attacked by the 40 foot beast.

The hunter and the its victim - Foley shows hand, as the perpetrator stands in the background.

The treb awaiting a lift... - PumpkinHammer is awaiting the helicopter lift...

Tower One Up - Each tower weighs approximately 500 lbs.

Back View- A view from the rear of PumpkinHammer, with one tower up.

Leaning Tower of 52 - Tower two is in position for lift.

Tower Two Prep - Tower 2 gets prepped for lift off.

Both Towers are Up - With relative ease, both towers are up and awaiting it's arm.

Cross Beam - The cross beam is added to lift the arm.

Ladder Rat View - This is the view from a Team PumpkinHammer Ladder Rat. And yes, it's a long way up.

Cross Brace added - The first of the four cross braces are added.

One BIG Machine - Two team members are dwarfed by PumpkinHammer.

Pretty Big, Eh? - Another shot showing the size of this thing.

The box attached - This box will carry 4,000 lbs.

It's up!!!k - The 40 foot beast is up and ready to throw.

A long way up... - WOW!!! That say's it all.

A team celebrates - What a day's work. For that, this beers for you!!!

Victim 1 - A once proud pumpkin was turned to mush thanks to PumpkinHammer.

Saddam? - Victim number 2 had a strange resemblance to Saddam Hussein.

Cocked and Ready- PumpkinHammer is in position to fire.

Protective Backstop - The view from PumpkinHammer's protective backstop.

Hammer Fans - Just a sampling of the estimated 3,000 in attendance of Hammer's first throw.

Giving the Finger - Set at 0%, this finger will be pointing in the direction of a win.

Trigger protection - This simple rubber door mat provides the trigger assembly protection.

Monster ready to throw - Cocked and ready to chuck

3-2-1 - Right before a big throw.

The long arm of the Law - The arm is set and waiting for a countdown.

From the pumpkin's point of view - Right before it's last seconds of life, this is what a condemned pumpkin sees.

What's left of a pumpkin after traveling over a 1,000 feet- Pumpkin GOOO...

A Team member's best friend - The winch that saved christmas...

PumpkinHauler - The team's very own big rig!!!




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