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Here comes the Hammer!!!
Arriving at the 2002 World Pumpkin Championship in Millsboro, De.

Other Teams set up

Pumpkin Hammer begins to form

The Field of Fire...

The Twin Towers

Other Trebs

The Hammer took a little more time to set up

The Box of Boxes

The new sign on the arm

Full mast

Getting ready for shot #1

Fire in the hole!!!

Punkin Chuckin - V.I.P.

Our pumpkin getting weighed

Spray paint to make it official

Our Weigh Master

Punkin Chuckin cake!!!

The crowds

A horizontal shot

Team Pumpkin Hammer

and again

Notice how we "Past" inspection?

The team awaits their next throw

Fire in the hole

The teams sign

Can we break 700 feet?

Waiting for the Discovery Channel

Wating for the throw!!!

We did it!!! 717 feet

PumpkinHammer fans!!!

Team PumpkinHammer


BCBSD members of Team PumpkinHammer



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